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Unstable Explosives

Unstable Explosives is the first game from FakeName Games.

It is a fast paced, quick to learn party game, which can be played with 2 or more players. However we recommend at least 3 or 4. The object is to make your friends explode more than you. You pass the Unstable Explosives back and forth, until they detonate, and everyone blows up.

Get to Know The Unstable Explosives

These are not your standard explosives. They have personalities of their own. Some want you to explode, and some just want love.

Cuddly Dynamite

As it's name implies, cuddly loves hugs. Go on, give it a hug! I am sure it won't explode........ much...


Nutty Dynamite

Nutty is a bit of clutz. All the dynamite's are unstable, but Nutty is the most likely to slip out of your hand and explode 'by accident'.

Tetchy Dynamite

Tetchy has a short fuse, figuratively and literally. He doesn't like you, and he wants you to explode.


Cagey Dynamite

It is not that it doesn't like you, it just doesn't trust you. Or anyone for that matter. Better explode them all to be safe.

Weary Dynamite

Shhh! Don't wake it. Unless, do you want to explode?



Setup -

Shuffle the deck and place it in a central location.

Choose a player one via your favorite means. For example, the first player is the last person to have handled explosives.

Each player is dealt four cards.


Begin Play -

Player one begins play by creating a stack by playing a dynamite card (this is the active stack), then passing the stack to a player of their choice.

That player then plays a legal card onto the stack, and passes it to any player except the player that passed the stack to them. (In a two or three player game, you may pass the stack back).

Play continues in this fashion until a detonate card is played, or the last card is drawn from the deck (treat this as though a detonate card had been played).

Each player counts the total value of all dynamite cards in stacks they own, and adds that to their score. The deck is then shuffled, and a new turn begins with the player who detonated the dynamite. (Played the detonate card, or was dealt the last card of the deck).


Rounds and Turns -

The end of a turn is denoted by the dynamite detonating. And scoring is done. Everything from the first card being played to a detonation is one turn.

A round is the building of an individual stack. As soon as the active stack becomes a held stack, the round ends, and a new round begins. Refill each players hand at the end of each round, starting with the player who took the stack, and continuing clockwise. A turn will typically have multiple rounds.


Taking stacks -

If you are unable to play a legal card onto the current stack, you take that stack and place it in front of you. This is now your stack, and will be scored when the dynamite detonates. When the dynamite detonates, you will count the total value of all stacks you own. Stacks you own are called your held stacks. Players are dealt cards until their hand is refilled back to four cards, and a new round begins.


Card Rules -

Single Stick: May be played to start a new stack, or on any one stick card.

Two Sticks: May be played to start a new stack, or on any one or two stick card.

Four Sticks: May be played to start a new stack, or on any one, two, or four stick card.

Five Sticks: May be played to start a new stack, or on any one, two, four, or five stick card.

Defuse: May only be played on a stack with at least one dynamite card in it. Place the top dynamite card to the side, and the defuse card in the discard pile. Play a legal card from your hand on to the new top of the stack, and pass it on. Place the dynamite card your put to the side into your hand. When you play a card from your hand, this may be another defuse, a detonate, a legerdemain, or you may take the new stack. These are all legal plays.

Legerdemain: May only be played on a stack with at least one dynamite card in it. Place legerdemain in the discard pile, swap the active stack, with one of your held stacks, and pass it onto another player. The active stack becomes one of your held stacks, and the held stack you chose becomes the active stack. You cannot play legerdemain if you have no held stacks.

Detonate: May only be played on a stack with at least one dynamite card in it. (Dealing the last card of the deck counts as a detonate card being played). Take the current stack, and add it to your held stacks. All players count the total value of all dynamite cards in their held stacks, and add this to their score. All cards are shuffled up, and players dealt four cards and a new turn begins.


Ending the game -

The game ends after all players have counted their scores, and one player has more than the predetermined number of points. The recommended number is 50 points. Although if  you wish a longer game, try 75 or 100 points.

The winner is the player with the lowest score at this time.

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